About Harriet & Rose

The tricky about me page…. (the opening of which is always the hardest part and generally pivots around whether to refer to myself in the first or third person… always a quandary).


Having relocated from the suburbs of South East London/Kent (it’s controversial) to Jersey in the Channel Islands in the summer of 2016,  my hobby and love of ceramics took seed and, well, became a bit of an obsession actually.


That, coupled with the purchase of a potentially very lovely house (because what I needed was a project), has meant that the Harriet & Rose blog which was previously pretty much used as a platform for opinionated rants (as well as my portfolio of copywriting and published articles), has changed.


I still blog when I have something to say, so you can be assured that there will still be responsive, opinionated, pieces written in incandescent haste (I write quickest when riled). I will still be adding to my portfolio as well, but, in large, the Harriet & Rose site is on its way to becoming a platform to sell my ceramics through, as well as a diary and interiors blog taking you through the transformation of a house to a home, and not just mine.


So yes, Harriet & Rose: Interiors ~ Ceramics ~ Opinionated rants


(I quite like that as a tagline actually)