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Calling all brilliant designer makers…

Alas, I do fear that this website will – for the time being at least – look as though not very much is happening at all. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. Sure, I’m tinkering with  the copy, playing with the layout, and plugging things in to my wordpress site, but a whole lot more than that is happening in that cliché that is *behind the scenes*.

Behind the signs, the business plan is taking something resembling a shape, and by shape I mean an actual plan, as opposed to a seed of an idea, that my own creative brain seizes hold off and simultaneously runs off in 800 directions with. Though, I’ll ‘fess up, this is happening as well.

The focus that I have, is due to two main factors.

First off, Jersey Business, who have literally sent me through a to do list of everything I need to, well do, to get from concept to reality whilst ticking all the legal boxes. Insurance; registering the business name; all these things are coming together. In fact, as of two weeks ago, Harriet & Rose is not only a registered business, with a license to trade AND a registered name (whoop whoop), but is also all set up with the tax and social security too (less whoop whoop, but 100% necessary).

The second factor, is my husband who is (as I suspect all good ones are) both my biggest cheerleader, and my fiercest critic… When I got carried away and started looking at premises, he suggested perhaps I make a plan first.  The thing is, that two heads actually are quite often better than one. Especially when the grey matter involved is vastly different. So whilst I’ve been cracking on with the copywriting for the site, he’s been assuming that I’ve been checking out Right Move, only to have me send through a link to all the words. Ha ha! I have done some constructive stuff see?

Apparently I write more clearly than I talk, for he has finally *got* what it is that Harriet & Rose is about. And with that realisation has become a source of much useful input. So much that today I registered a .je domain name that will work with, and alongside, the Harriet and Rose… I will link this and that together, so that whether you come to me via or (catchy huh?) you’ll land on my website.

About the website….

The website is roughly coming together, but for now, it’s just a work in progress, and lots of pages are set to private (sorry about that). My branding is underway, turns out the colour scheme was the easy bit, but I think we’re actually not very far off from the ‘that’s perfect!’ moment (so hopes my branding aficionado anyway, especially after a virtual meltdown last night, when I realised that the very first logo mooted was in fact *the one*).

I’m aware that this is all frustratingly vague at the moment. This is because I want to launch and tell you what I’m doing, once I’m ready to do it. It’s really important to me not to tell too many people *exactly* what Harriet & Rose is all about, until I’m able to provide the service that I’m setting myself up to do. If that makes any sense at all.

Perhaps most importantly of all, (and, if I’m honest, the point of this post) I’m starting to look for companies to stock. This much I can now reveal. Not only is this exceedingly exciting, it is a little frightening since I have to remember not everyone is me (thank God says the world, one of me is quite enough). The key to buying stock, is putting myself in the head of my customer, not residing in my own head.

I’m still creating things myself, and am getting my making mojo firmly back (this kiln is not going to fill itself, and I want to get on to the glazing already), and I’m also combining ceramics and jewellery in a sort of strange place between my two creative loves. It will be a huge success or a resolutely failure, and you shall only see the result if it’s the former. Ah, the creative process…

So, if you’re reading this, and you create brilliant, lovely stuff, and you’d like to have your creations stocked in Jersey, please do get in touch. I’m keen to stress (in the run up to Christmas) that THIS IS FIRMLY A 2019 THING. You won’t have me placing wholesale orders amongst the Christmas fun and games, but I am starting to get a shopping list together (makes it sound better than it is, what I’m actually doing is spending vast swathes of my start up capital on stock… so I’d better get the right stock…! No pressure. Me. The pressure’s on me… Eek).

So what am I looking for?

Stationery – cards, wrap, all of it (who doesn’t love stationery?)

Ceramics – because I love them, and love that every maker does it slightly differently and puts themselves into it.

Jewellery – costume rather than precious, sterling silver or gold-filled (may expand to gold in future)

Personalised – gifts, prints, blankets, all the good stuff… anything original, that isn’t run of the mill, and that you’d like to buy for yourself.

Miscellany – things that fall in-between a definitive category, but that you still think I should stock (and also because I like the word…)

Edibles (and drinkables) – hand made yummy stuff, ideally with the option of a Jersey spin (I can send sea salt, or caramel!) or Jersey based. As I’m going to be venturing into the option of food based gifts (more on this later), I’m definitely looking for some Jersey based bakers and creators of yum stuff.

But unique, unique, unique is the key. I’m really keen to stock as many Jersey businesses as possible, but need to be realistic: I want Harriet & Rose to offer something that really isn’t available here (in Island, clearly everything is available in the land of the internet… probably).

So please, please get in touch at should you be looking for stockists, with a line sheet, price list, lead times, minimum order values,  and whether you can offer exclusivity in Jersey (and if you can’t, that’s fine, but please let me know).

For now… eek.

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First, find a gap….

I think that on reflection, it’s better to wait and let an idea come to you, as opposed to go searching for it. And when you’ve made some fairly hefty life decisions (move country! Sell house! Buy a new house! That needs lots of work! As your children start new schools! And one of them starts secondary school!) all in relative quick succession, then that is precisely NOT the time to start something new. It is precisely the time that you tune OUT of the little voice telling you that you’ve found the niche you’ve been waiting for. It is not, NOT the time to listen to it and throw yourself head first into a new adventure.

It’s the time to wait, and think, and absolutely not launch head first into a new business venture.

Well, turns out that was not a memo that we got. We always seem to miss those memos. But  sometimes those ideas that you’ve been seeking out and decided to forget about for a while, well it’s then they crop up. Yes, right now  inspiration has struck. Like the thoughts that pop into your head just as you are falling asleep telling you you might have left the kitchen window open. Except a good version of those. The unconscious ‘in-between’ where good ideas come from.

It has – as many of these things do – struck because there is a gap. And Harriet & Rose is going to plug it. Though perhaps we might think of a nicer word than plug. Plug would suggest we solve leakages. We don’t do that, though can recommend a good local plumber should you need one.

Harriet & Rose is starting to make your life easier. That’s essentially our aim. It’s for the time poor (or just plain forgetful, who we certainly won’t call thoughtless), so that all your gifting problems are solved and you are not only on time, but wrapped and thoughtful to boot.

This website will of course be changing over the coming months, as our branding is finalised, as our premises confirmed (currently a garage, standard), and as – with all these things – it all starts to unfold and make a bit more sense. Setting up a business is NEVER easy, and it’s certainly never straightforward and so whilst we will valiantly aim for an early 2019 launch, let’s be realistic and call it 2019.

We will be using this blog as a way to introduce and launch our exciting stockees (us being the stockists) as well as working on unique gift ideas, and the corporate side of the business. More importantly, we’ll be using this blog to write about starting a business and getting things off the ground in Jersey, because actually, it’s good to know the people behind the name, and we hope that it will tell you a bit more about what we do, why we do it, and why we’re absolutely positive we can offer something new….