Dear Wedding Ideas #1

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I am pretty thrilled to be able to let you know that I am currently agony aunt for Wedding Ideas magazine. Putting together my love of the wedding industry, journalism and wanting to help/advise people (while clearly never being able to take advice myself… there is an irony there), these […]


What’s your story #3?

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Village Green Soaps make soap. You’d proabably got that far. But along with their soaps, they also create wonderful smelling candles and balms. In need of an update, Karen got in touch for me to take a look at her story. While so many small businesses start out from a […]


What’s your story #2

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Perkulatte (aside from having an enviably brilliant name which in one made-up word makes me both smile and put the stove top coffee maker on to perk me up) had a great tone to their story already: chatty and all about the coffee. But being busy with orders it needed […]


Artist Statement #1

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It seems simple doesn’t it? Fifty words to sum up what you do. Succinct. Professional. Creative. Florence & Grace, a small business specialising in personalised door signs (and other home finishing touches) didn’t need a lot of help, just a quick polish to what they already had. BEFORE: Cathryn is […]


What’s your story #1?

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Every small business starts for a reason, and – more often than not – that story is what makes it so very interesting (and has me whiling away hour after hour online seeking out unique and personalised presents… not all of them for a worthy recipient… unless you count me. […]