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First, find a gap….

I think that on reflection, it’s better to wait and let an idea come to you, as opposed to go searching for it. And when you’ve made some fairly hefty life decisions (move country! Sell house! Buy a new house! That needs lots of work! As your children start new schools! And one of them starts secondary school!) all in relative quick succession, then that is precisely NOT the time to start something new. It is precisely the time that you tune OUT of the little voice telling you that you’ve found the niche you’ve been waiting for. It is not, NOT the time to listen to it and throw yourself head first into a new adventure.

It’s the time to wait, and think, and absolutely not launch head first into a new business venture.

Well, turns out that was not a memo that we got. We always seem to miss those memos. But  sometimes those ideas that you’ve been seeking out and decided to forget about for a while, well it’s then they crop up. Yes, right now  inspiration has struck. Like the thoughts that pop into your head just as you are falling asleep telling you you might have left the kitchen window open. Except a good version of those. The unconscious ‘in-between’ where good ideas come from.

It has – as many of these things do – struck because there is a gap. And Harriet & Rose is going to plug it. Though perhaps we might think of a nicer word than plug. Plug would suggest we solve leakages. We don’t do that, though can recommend a good local plumber should you need one.

Harriet & Rose is starting to make your life easier. That’s essentially our aim. It’s for the time poor (or just plain forgetful, who we certainly won’t call thoughtless), so that all your gifting problems are solved and you are not only on time, but wrapped and thoughtful to boot.

This website will of course be changing over the coming months, as our branding is finalised, as our premises confirmed (currently a garage, standard), and as – with all these things – it all starts to unfold and make a bit more sense. Setting up a business is NEVER easy, and it’s certainly never straightforward and so whilst we will valiantly aim for an early 2019 launch, let’s be realistic and call it 2019.

We will be using this blog as a way to introduce and launch our exciting stockees (us being the stockists) as well as working on unique gift ideas, and the corporate side of the business. More importantly, we’ll be using this blog to write about starting a business and getting things off the ground in Jersey, because actually, it’s good to know the people behind the name, and we hope that it will tell you a bit more about what we do, why we do it, and why we’re absolutely positive we can offer something new….

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